How Does Your Business Use Email Marketing?

email marketingHow is your business using email marketing? Is your email marketing focused more on lead generation, prospect building, customer retention, training, or all of the above?

All around the world, these powerful email marketing tools are being used by online marketers, real estate professionals, entertainers, attorneys, restaurants, programmers, web designer, network marketers, affiliate marketers, church groups, publishers, and more. We think that’s pretty exciting and would love to hear your story about how email marketing is helping you grow your business.

Ready to share your story with our readers? Add a comment, below, to tell us the name of your business, what you sell, and how you are using email marketing to help your business grow. Let us know if you are using hosted capture pages or if you are adding forms to your web site or blog (or both). Let us know what is working for you and ask any questions you may have.

Feel free to include your web site address in your comment.

We look forward to hearing from you!

8 thoughts on “How Does Your Business Use Email Marketing?

  1. I have been building my list since 2009 and yesterday I became aware of a very time sensitive opportunity and so I sent out two emails to a couple of my TrafficWave lists. I plan to send out another email tomorrow, but the early results are fantastic as I just made a $297 sale to my PayPal account and I had another person call me to get some more details, but he will be eagerly buying this training for $297 as well!

    So I’ll make just under $600 for initially building as well as maintaining a list on TrafficWave. And for $17.95/month TrafficWave is a steal!

    I also market TrafficWave to many individuals and businesses around the world so I appreciate the monthly residuals as well!

    Thanks for all you do to provide such value with TrafficWave Brian!

  2. I am new to email marketing and I have not yet read up all that there is to know yet but I will. I am promoting my list building challenge and my Matrix Buster Link. So far I have 1 referral in the list building challenge. I will let you know.

  3. I have been a TrafficWave user since November, 2009.

    As an Affiliate, I have enjoyed showing other marketers how to use these powerful tools to generate leads, gather new customers, and train our teams.

    Recently, I launched a new team project with an advertising company and sent the information out to my lists.

    Literally, within minutes, I had new sales coming in and this project is off to an incredible start.

    When Brian talks to us about the profit being in the lists, he’s not kidding!

    I will continue using these powerful tools to build my prospect lists, follow up with prospects, and train my team members to do the same!

    Didi Wargo

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