How I Built a List of 3200+ with a Hosted Capture Page

get more referralsEmail marketing is critical to your success. Want to build a business? Build your email marketing list.

Some of our affiliates have recently asked me for more tips on how to generate leads and get more referrals. I wanted to show you my own personal results using the 30 Minute List Building Challenge I created a while back.

The 30 Minute List Challenge is a guide to show you the basics of how to get started building an email marketing list, even if you have never built a list, before. You can use these same techniques to build any list to promote any offer. This is simply a great way to get started quickly and to show your referrals how to do the same.

I got the results I’m going to show you by¬†doing all the stuff I talk about in the blog article: Email Marketing Results.

  1. I created my letters.
  2. I created my capture page.
  3. I started promoting my capture page.
    From there, the system took over and I continued to focus on #3 … promoting my capture page. I had campaigns that didn’t work. I had campaigns that worked very well. I had campaigns that got very little results. I focused on the campaigns that worked very well.

I want to point out that I did not create a web site for this offer. I created a Hosted Capture Page in my back office. The whole set up took just a few minutes after I got the letters written.

The results, so far, can be seen here from just one of my campaigns:

email marketing

This particular campaign has generated over 3,200 leads (and counting)! As with any offer, some of those leads have purchased and some have not. I continue promoting this capture page and I am testing other marketing channels to get even more results.

The other day, I recycled my finished leads, and got even more sales along with a few more questions about the system.

This is an excellent example of putting your tools to use in building your referrals. All of this is available in your back office, right now, and costs nothing more to implement!

If you are wanting more referrals on your team, AND you want those referrals to USE the tools and STAY, I highly recommend you follow the steps laid out in the 30 Minute List Building Challenge.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Update, Jan 9, 2017:

I launched a few more small campaigns via social media and my list keeps growing! It really is the simple stuff that leads to success in life, business, and email marketing.

email marketing

Update, Jan 17, 2017:

It’s hard to beat the simple stuff when it comes to list building!

email marketing

REMEMBER: You can use these same techniques to build ANY list for ANY offer!

19 thoughts on “How I Built a List of 3200+ with a Hosted Capture Page

    1. Consider the Member Extras section of your back office, and search on Google. Many times, I find my places to advertise by searching Google for related forums, blogs, etc… And I use all the social media I possibly can.

  1. Hi Brian Happy New Year! I was going to ask about a pre written email follow -up series since writing good emails is one of my major weaknesses. However I see you have that covered in your very detailed 30 minute list challenge link. You always seem to take such good care of us if we follow your awesome advice and Just USE The TOOLS!

    I’m going to head to the back office and get my list challenge set up pronto! As always You Rock Brian! – All the best!

  2. Hey Brian! I don’t know if you know this or not, but I’m back.
    I had to close my account because I was unable to ‘work’ and I got worried about money.
    But you know what? I decided a few days ago, that if I follow everything you are teaching us about list building, and building a business, I won’t have to worry!!!
    I will be re-building my Smoke Haus list, and this time around, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Donna J Maske

  3. Hello all fellow marketers. Lets Rock And Roll, Make this year the beginning of your On Line Success.
    Always – Fore Ward – Always!

  4. Hi there Brian,
    I am and I have got the 30 Minute List Building Challenge set up and running. I am also tracking it to see how I am doing.
    It has been up and running from the 7th of this Month and I have received 138 hits but no one on the list as yet. But it is there and early days. Great job you have got done there. Thank you very much. Forward we go. Advertised in traffic exchanges and Safe lists. So now need to shall we say step it all up.

    Kevan Brock

  5. Hi Brian:

    clicking on the down side v at the upper right and was told that it was called pocket for which
    I had never heard of. I had to register to use it. I did but still don’t understand it, when I clicked
    on it I get pictures, not a saved button.

    I want to add it again but don’t want to loose it. How can I save it? I don;t want to keep loosing it.
    Please help by explaining how it works. Thank you.

    Margaret V. Gaskin

  6. Thank you for your kind presentation.
    Let me ask you one thing how to make Autoresponder ID Number and 5 digit code.

    Best blessings,

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