Top Affiliate Earners for July 2017

Congratulations to our Top Affiliate Earners for July 2017! Previous Months: | June | May | April | March | February | January | December | These Top Affiliate Earners for July 2017 are using the AutoResponder system to build and manage their own email marketing lists. They are also spreading the word about this powerful unlimited autoresponder system to other businesses around the world and reaping the benefits inRead more

How To Get Leads with a Blog

Our users often ask me how to get leads with a blog. It’s a good question and I hope to give you some simple and helpful answers in this article.

How To Send an Email Newsletter

Are you wondering how to send an email newsletter to boost sales? We can help. 

Sending email newsletters is a great way to keep your customers informed, stay in the front of your prospect’s mind, and build your credibility across the board.

Autoresponder Tutorial

Autoresponder Tutorial helps you learn more about email marketing and how autoresponders can help grow your business.

List Building Basics

Sometimes, internet marketing success just comes down to focusing on the list building basics. When I first started with this internet marketing journey, I had no list.

How To Collect Subscribers For Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, there are many ways to collect subscribers. We encourage you to be creative in building your list. But …

Emailing Newsletters Boosts Sales

Emailing newsletters is a great way for you to boost sales. Sending out a regular newsletter to share tips, provide advice, and help your readers solve problems is a great way to build rapport and credibility. 

Why Didn’t They Download My Ebook?

I was a little bit shocked to realize that around 100 of those 288 people haven’t even downloaded the Ebook yet! Why didn’t they download my ebook?

Split Run Testing Your Capture Pages

This article is designed to help you understand the importance of split run testing your capture pages. Many times, we just set up a capture page and start promoting. This can be a mistake, even if the promotion is going well. 

Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

Looking for affiliate programs that pay weekly? pays weekly and monthly. All you do is refer other business owners and entrepreneurs to our email marketing service.