Email Marketing: Context over Content

Email marketing is an ever changing and critical environment. Get it right and your business can grow. Get it wrong and business quickly goes flat. Your email marketing messages can be the difference between success and failure so you want to be certain you are focused on getting the results you are after. There seems to be a never ending debate between what makes an email marketing campaign successful.Read more

Power Of One

This article is written for those Affiliates who want to take an aggressive approach to building their income quickly. If your goal is to simply use the tools for your business email marketing, this article won’t be relevant to you. If your goal is to maybe refer enough customers so that your monthly subscription is covered or you want to make a few extra dollars per month, thisRead more – How To Set Up Hosted Capture Pages

This week, I wanted to share a video with you that was created some time ago and can be found in our Wiki. This video and article show you how to get started with a Hosted Capture Page in your account. Hosted Capture Pages give you a quick way to launch a campaign to quickly start building your lists for new offers, special promotions, etc… To open theRead more

Why People Hate Your Email Marketing Newsletter

Why People Hate Your Email Newsletter I bet it has happened to you … You exchange  business cards, text messages, or contact info with someone at an event. Next thing you know, you are receiving mass emails from them sent to everyone they got contact info from. The worst part: They aren’t using an email service provider. They just added your email address to the “To” field or theRead more

How To Build Your Lists

Once you have an autoresponder set up, the next step is to begin building your list! I know that seems obvious but a lot of folks think that simply setting up an autoresponder account will magically  make them wealthy. That’s really like buying a bunch of great fishing gear and expecting fish to come line up at your door to lay on your grill. The Autoresponder is a TOOL.Read more

1099 Information for US Affiliates

1099 Information for US Tax Payers. Recent changes in tax laws have created some new challenges in how your income is reported as an Affiliate. If you are receiving commissions via online processors such as Payza and Paypal, we did not file a 1099-MISC with the IRS. If you received more than $600 in income via check for the year 2012, we filed a 1099-MISC with the IRS andRead more

What Role Does The AutoResponder Play In Your Marketing?

Many times, marketers misunderstand the role their autoresponder service plays in their overall marketing strategy. If you’ve wanted to really understand how your autoresponder fits in to your overall marketing strategy and how you can put email marketing to work in your business, check out this recorded webinar from Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Rooney:    

Broadcasting a Letter To Your Subscribers

From time to time, you may want to send out a special announcement, update, promotion, or training information to your subscribers. The Broadcast feature makes this easy to do. To see an overview and watch a brief video tutorial on how you can schedule a broadcast to your entire list, be sure to check out our wiki at The Broadcast tool is a great way to sendRead more

Create a 5 Figure Income as a Affiliate

How To Create a 5 Figure Income as a Affiliate: I’m often asked if it’s really possible to earn a 5 or 6 figure income as a Affiliate. The answer is, “Absolutely. Yes.” But there are some basic fundamentals at work that you need to understand and apply in order to reach this goal. Understand the difference between “part-time” and “spare-time”. Most people consider a part-time jobRead more