Why Do Successful Businesses Build Lists?

List Building: Successful Businesses Do It List building is still a bit of a mystery for many businesses. A lot of business owners and marketers are still asking why or even if they should build email marketing lists. It’s a fair question and I think it makes sense to examine why so many successful marketers focus on list building as a part of their overall marketing strategy.  And then youRead more

Why Do I Have To Include My Mailing Address In My Autoresponder Messages?

The anti-spam legislation of many countries requires organizations sending email marketing messages to include a valid, physical postal address. There are different anti-spam laws for different countries but the inclusion of an address is also necessary to comply with our terms of use at TrafficWave.net. Anti-spam laws exist to prevent people from sending unsolicited, fraudulent or deceptive email marketing messages. That means, as a legitimate email marketer, you must be transparentRead more

MLM AutoResponder Strategies That Work

MLM AutoResponder Strategies Have you been considering adopting MLM autoresponder strategies to build your network marketing business? If so, good for you! Many successful mlm professionals know the profit is in the list so they build and nurture their lists. Chuck Holmes says, “I would give up my own downline and web sites before I gave up my auto-responder and my list.”. We think that’s pretty smart. We haveRead more

TrafficWave.net Simplified

You joined TrafficWave.net to generate, manage, and profit from your own email marketing lists, right? We are excited to have you with us and we look forward to being a part of your email marketing success story. To make the most of your experience with TrafficWave, there are a few key pieces you need to make sure you have set up in your account. 1) Set Up Your AutoResponderRead more

Email Marketing – Guide To Creating AutoResponder Letters

Email Marketing – Guide To Creating AutoResponder Letters AutoResponders are powerful tools. Successful online marketers use them to automate repetitive sales tasks, build and manage multiple prospect lists, and send out regular articles, updates, and announcements. More than providing an automated response to an inquiry, AutoResponders can be your own automated sales force working online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Used properly, AutoResponders can automate theRead more

TrafficWave Back Office Overview

TrafficWave.net Training Want to see for yourself how easy it is to navigate around the TrafficWave.net Back Office? Watch this video to see how easy it is to navigate through your email marketing tools! Check out our next Live Q&A Session with CEO, Brian Rooney Check our more video tutorials here  

MLM Lead Generation Online

MLM Lead Generation Can Be Challenging When it comes to building any network marketing business, one struggle we all have in common is finding people to talk to. If you’re like most of us in the industry, you’ve burned through the friends and family list. You may even have friends who won’t talk to you and family members who wish they weren’t related to you, now. It happens. Wouldn’t itRead more

How To Generate Email Marketing Profits

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to generate  real email marketing profits? No doubt you keep hearing about people making ridiculous amounts of money using email marketing. Have you heard that email marketing can return an ROI as high as 4300%? The techniques I am going to show you have been proven to work over the years across a wide variety of industries. The idea is to show YOURead more

Email Marketing Checklist – Build Your Business

This Email Marketing Checklist is designed to give you a quick overview on how your business can grow using email marketing. Email marketing is a powerful tool being used by small, medium, and large businesses around the world. Whether you are a large Fortune 500 company or a solo operator reading this post while you sip your favorite coffee, email marketing can and should be a major part ofRead more

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies

When you start to consider email marketing strategies, what comes to mind? Email Marketing is not the sending of unsolicited commercial email. Some refer to it as unsolicited bulk email or spamming and this should not be confused with professional and ethical email marketing which can be a powerful and efficient way to get your message out to customers and prospects. By using this reputable email marketing strategies, any business, groupRead more