Email Marketing – Keep Your Brand Design Consistent

Your email marketing strategy should integrate as a port of your overall marketing plan. Part of that integration should include the design and content of your newsletters and campaign messages. The layout of your email messages should mirror or at least closely resemble the layout of your web site or blog. I would also recommend including your company logo if you use one. By following this strategy, your variousRead more

Email Marketing – List Building for Bands and Musicians

Want to fill your email subscriber lists with faithful fans and followers? Here are a few tips you can use to get things started: If you have a web site or blog, be sure you add a subscription form where it is easily seen by your visitors. Include a message such as “Join Our List To Stay In Touch” so that visitors know they can expect to hear fromRead more

Email Marketing – Use The Preview Pane

Most of us already understand the importance of creating a compelling subject line. You want the subject line to be intriguing and create interest without looking spammy. By now, this is common knowledge. But even a solid subject line may not be enough. Most email programs today operate with what is called a “preview pane” which allows readers to see the first few lines of any email marketing messageRead more

Email Marketing – Get Results With a Clear Call To Action

You’ve crafted a beautifully designed email message. Your HTML is beautiful. Your images pop. Your copy is crystal clear and compelling. Your readers love what you wrote and they are ready to take action. But nothing happens. No sales. No clicks. What’s missing? Your reader doesn’t know what to do because you didn’t tell them what to do with a clear call to action. Creating a clear call toRead more

Email Marketing – Personalize For Maximum Effect

It’s always nice when someone calls you by name and email marketing is no exception. When your readers see their name in the subject line, the chances of your email message being opened improves dramatically. And getting your message opened by the reader is the first step to getting your readers to take action. We highly recommend using the personalization tokens in your autoresponder campaigns to great your readers byRead more

Email Marketing – Avoid $$$ to Get The Money

The Key To Making $$$ Is Avoiding “$$$” in your Email Marketing Campaigns You hate spam. Your prospects and customers hate spam. Let’s face it: Pretty much everybody hates spam. So it just makes sense that if you’re going to launch a successful email marketing campaign, avoid looking like a spammer. (Hopefully, we don’t actually need to tell you not to spam, right?) Many email programs and services haveRead more

Dec 2011 Top Affiliates

Congratulations to our Top 20 Earners for the month of December, 2011: Dorothy Wargo (flowerblossom) Robert Howells (roberthowells) D M Bresnahan (kdec) David Benson (dbmlm2) Pat Rogers (constant912) Lori Edwards (torenada) Scott Douglas (thedragonfly) Margaret Albright (instant) Rusty L Shelton (rustyshelton) Allen Smith (alsmith10) Mohd Darus Haron (autoresonder4u) Chase Swift (ze14361) Terry Goodmann (revelar) Joe Sansoucie (san1091) Jay Kanik (kandu) Daniel Butts (butts) Sherri Kirklin (thek4group) Mazelan Abas (katun66)Read more

Quick Affiliate Promotion Tips

Ready for some quick promotion for your affiliate site? Got a few seconds? Great! Then let’s get started! Just go to your Affiliate URL and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are a few things to take note of: In the list of links, you’ll see a link labeled “Sample Ads and Banners”. Click that link to see a variety of banners, buttons, and textRead more

Keys To AutoResponder Success

Once you begin to realize the power of AutoResponders, the next logical question becomes: How Do I Put AutoResponders To Good Use In My Business? There are many ways you can use AutoResponders to automate repetitive sales tasks. Most sales people find themselves answering the same questions over and over via email. Why not create a series of commonly asked questions and answers and make this information available viaRead more

Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Mix It Up

Email Marketing – Mix It Up for Best Results Success in any email marketing campaign is usually a combination of art and science. The science comes in to play when we use proven best practices such as personalizing your messages, including a clear call to action, keeping your content relevant to your subscribers’ interests, etc… The art comes in when we use a well formatted message and write compellingRead more