Email Marketing Cost Benefit Analysis

Have you ever run an email marketing cost benefit analysis? It may help you better understand how powerful and valuable email marketing can be for your business.

How To WhiteList an Email Address

Looking for instructions on how to whitelist an email address? This article should help. Nobody likes getting unsolicited emails.

Why Does Email Get Delayed?

For the most part, when you send an email, the recipient has it within a few seconds, but sometimes, that email that you really really need doesn’t show up when you expect it. So, why does email get delayed? To understand why emails get delayed, you have to undestand how an email is sent from one person to another. 

How To Build Your Lists

Email marketing is a high-impact, low-cost way of quickly delivering your marketing message. The key is to build your lists with quality targeted prospects eager to receive your information. 

How Do I Build My List?

One of the most common questions we get, especially from new users is: How do I build my list? It’s a good question and we hope to help you get some good answers with this article.

Top Affiliate Earners for July 2018

These Top Affiliate Earners for July 2018 are using the AutoResponder system to build and manage their own email marketing lists.

Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

Looking for affiliate programs that pay weekly? pays weekly and monthly. All you do is refer other business owners and entrepreneurs to our email marketing service. 

Market Saturation for TrafficWave?

Recently, someone who was looking at working with us as an Affiliate asked, “Aren’t you concerned about market saturation?” I had to laugh. This particular individual had seen a few ads on some sites they were visiting and they made the all too common mistake of thinking that what they saw in front of them was their market.

Convert Your Web Site To a Lead Generation Funnel

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your web site in to a lead generation funnel? Instead of just getting visitors, you can actually find people that want to know more about your offer. Here is how it is done.

How To Use Email Marketing

Are you wondering how to use email marketing to build your business? More and businesses are beginning to experience the power of email marketing to generate leads and drive sales. Here are a few examples: