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Check Out These Common Email Marketing AutoResponder Questions:

How Many AutoResponders Can I Have?
Your account includes unlimited AutoResponders. Whether you need to manage one email marketing campaign or hundreds, your rate stays the same: Just $17.95 per month!

How Many Contacts Will My AutoResponders Hold?
Each AutoResponder will hold and manage an unlimited number of contacts. Whether your list is just a few dozen subscribers, hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, your AutoResponder can handle it!

Do I Have To Give Credit Card Info for the Free Trial?
No payment information of any kind is required to take the free 30 day trial. Just leave your credit card in your wallet. All we require is valid contact information. You will receive an email to confirm your free 30 day trial account. Upgrade at any time during your free 30 day trial to continue using your autoresponders and building your email marketing campaigns.

Why Is This Better Than Installing AutoResponder Software?
There are many time and cost-saving benefits to using a service like rather than purchasing stand-alone software, such as:

  • Doesn’t require technical installation or setup.
  • No programming or server knowledge required.
  • Access your account from anywhere at any time.
  • Automated unsubscribe and confirmation processes.
  • Always On service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Established ISP relations protect your mailings.
  • Technology and legislative compliance is handled for you.
  • Your system is never out of date and never requires you to purchase or install upgrades.

Can I Use My Own HTML with AutoResponders?
Absolutely. In fact, even if you don’t know how to spell “HTML”, you can use our convenient WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor to create professional looking messages any time. You can even use any of our pre-designed formats to get you started. Creating polished professional looking messages with your AutoResponder is easy and takes just minutes.

How Does Make Sure My Messages Get Delivered? has outstanding relationships and ongoing communication with many of the larger ISP’s and blacklist services. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to the sharing of information regarding our policies and best practices. This helps to assure that everything possible is being done to make sure your email gets delivered successfully.

How Do I Get Started?
Join thousands of other businesses around the globe who are using the power of Email Marketing AutoResponders to more done and generate more sales in less time.

Get Started in Three Steps

  1. Start Your Free 30 Day Trial. Take the AutoResponder system for a full 30 day trial. Leave your credit card in your wallet.
  2. Create Your Letters. Easily create and send unlimited sales letters, newsletters, follow-up messages, ezines, and more. Personalize your letters and track your results. Messages can be in HTML or Text.
  3. Add Opt-In Forms To Your Site. You can easily add subscrition forms to your own web site or use one of our pre-designed capture pages to start gathering subscribers.

Is Training and Support Available?
Absolutely. Our online team of support personnel are constantly available to answer questions and direct you toward the appropriate training resources to help you get started quickly.

We also regularly do live webinar trainings and presentations you can take advantage of at any time. Click here to check for our next live presentation.

Can I Import My Existing Subscriber Lists?
If you have a valid list of existing subscribers, will accept your list in comma or tab delimited format. Simply log in to your back office and follow the prompts to import your valid subscribers in to your AutoResponder.

Can I Move My Lists From Another AutoResponder Service?
Absolutely. Many businesses are discovering the ease and cost savings of switching to Check out this quick guide to decide if switching makes sense for you.

What If I Don’t Have Any Lists Yet?
It’s time to start building that list! There are several ways you can get started building your list. Your AutoResponder includes a subscription form that you can add to your own web site.

Don’t have a web site? Your AutoResponder also includes a variety of capture page templates you can use to start building your lists.

Any time someone fills out the subscription form (either from your own web site or from our provided capture pages) they are added to your database in your back office. You can then send your messages to these subscribers any time, marketing to them over and over again.

Can I Rent or Buy lists to use with AutoResponders?
The AutoResponder system can only be used to follow up with subscribers that have specifically requested your information.

Purchasing or renting outside lists from brokers and suppliers can result in spam complaints that will result in the loss of your account without refund. Essentially, if they have not specifically requested your information, you run the risk of being accused of spam and losing your account.

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81 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I sent a support ticket for about 2 weeks now asking “how do I attach documents or free ebooks to my optin subscribers but it was not answered till now. Am disappointed by the lack of support.
    kindly show me how to do just that.

    1. Hi, Felix.

      You will want to upload the ebook or document in your hosting account and then include the link for your subscribers to click in your autoresponder message.

      1. Hello admin,

        I don’t know if this answer is good for Felix, I am also wondering how to send my subscriber to a download link or send him an attached document on his email address just after pressing the “submit/register/join” button.

        Thank you,

    2. Hi Felix

      The problem your going to face with sending documents through the email is that not everyone has a fast connection, not everyone uses a computer anymore to check their emails. Some people have metered internet access meaning if they go over that they then get charged, if your ebook is a few megabytes then its going to cost them and if you continue to do that, they will most likely unsubscribe from you.

      Your BEST Practice is to put the document on your domain and then send a link so that the person can download the product you are trying to offer. If you don’t have a domain, put it on a document sharing site, or dropbox, mediafire or something like that.

      Then you can create a link from there and send it to your subscriber and they will get their download you are offering.

      Hope that helps


    1. We are unable to provide a timeline for such developments. For now, if the current hosted capture pages are not suitable, consider any of the many other capture page options available that you may find more suitable for you at this time.

  2. Hi Brian,

    1 year ago I started a Free Trial acct., which I later upgraded to paid. I still have that acct. I’m now trying to join a TrafficWave team build under a different sponsor using a different user name & email address. I get a msg. that I already have a trial acct. & must now get a paid acct.

    I asked support about this & evidently once you get a trial acct. you can no longer get any more, even though you’ve upgraded that trial from trial to paid.

    Why is this? Seems like this policy will keep prospects from getting multiple accts.


    1. The purpose of a trial account is to give a new user access to the system so they can test it out and make a decision about staying with us as a customer. We are not prohibiting you from opening a new account. We are simply not allowing multiple free trial accounts.

      1. This wouldn’t be multiple trial accts. I only have 1 active paid acct. This would be the only trial acct. I would have.

          1. @Lou:

            Just because you don’t like an answer doesn’t mean it does not make sense.

            You shouldn’t have to open multiple accounts. Personally, I would avoid joining any program that ‘requires’ you to set up a new account. As far as I am concerned, I would like to see TrafficWave have a policy that anyone with multiple accounts cannot cancel the original or previous one(s) without cancelling the other accounts first.

            The only exception would be where you have an abusive sponsor. In which case, it is the sponsors account that should be cancelled.

            If anyone ever encourages you to quit an old account to create an new account under them, you should know that this is immoral, unethical and illegal. The official term is called “Poaching” and it is a “Black Hat” technique.

            You should be able to take what you learn from their “system” and apply it to your current account. If they do not allow you to do that, avoid them like the plague.

  3. Hello,

    I need help in a hurry. All the wikis are too much to worry with now. Please help me add my list and do a mailing to my subscribers.

  4. Several years ago an incompetent support staff delete our list of 15000 proven buyers-because I switched from using Alertpay to using PayPal-when we canceled the Alert Pay-after already paying for the same month again with PayPal.
    The idiot deleted the list-saying we had canceled the account.

    This ended up costing us $10,000’s in lost income and we still have not recovered to the point we were at.
    We received no replies to our inquiries and were never offered a dime in compensation.

    I use TrafficWave because it fits with the scripts we use- but I would never actively promote it.

    1. Hi, Doug.

      I may be missing something. Why would you use a product but not promote it?

      As for someone deleting your account, any account termination would have taken 10 days from the time you canceled. If I’m missing a detail or two, please let me know.

  5. I have told you before. I love AWEVER. I HAVE WORKED WITH YOU BEFORE

    To day I am having trouble getting my set up info vut am sure it is caused by some error I have made. Not AWEBER´s-

  6. Hi Admin
    Right now I have no questions because I have no subscribers to my list yet. By the way where do I check my subscribers email address?

    Thanks & Regards

  7. I have been a member of for some time and I never missed paying the subscriptions but regretted to say I’ve been suspended for using my daughter’s Master Card. I was an ex-member of Team Atlantis.

    1. At most, we would have asked for written authorization from your daughter for you to use her card. I would advise opening a support ticket so our support team can help you get that worked out.

  8. Pls, i really need a step by step approach not just a short answer.

    How do i import my old list extracted from another autoresponder account that is in excel format into my trafficwave account?

    And why is it that trafficwave doesn’t have single opt-in option like getresponse or aweber autoresponders

    1. Your best option for training instructions is to visit our training wiki at

      We do not use single opt-in like other companies because we believer very much in providing the highest deliverability possible. Double opt-in has proven, repeatedly, to be the better way to make that happen.

  9. This is by far the best auto-responder, and I would be using it if only it had premade form templates like Getresponse and Aweber.
    This is the only lack in this autoresponder.

    1. As stated on the page itself:

      Can I Import My Existing Subscriber Lists?

      If you have a valid list of existing subscribers, will accept your list in comma or tab delimited format. Simply log in to your back office and follow the prompts to import your valid subscribers in to your AutoResponder.

  10. ”We would like to invite your feedback” was a mail I received today.

    No problem, here’s a minor hick-up I encounter.

    How come so many people unsubscribe or don’t sign up after the free trial?

    Please advise,



    1. Quite simply, the only reason they don’t continue is that they have not recognized the value of powerful list building and management services such as We find that a lot of them go through the registration process but don’t follow through with learning and using the tools. Like many folks, they seem to get the idea that the “magic button” to online wealth is to somehow “join” but they forget the part about “work” that is required.

      We find that most folks who sign up and quit are the same folks that never apply the training and/or do the work.

      We also find that the folks who apply the training and do the work quickly recognize the value of and continue with us beyond the 30 day trial period. We have many users who have been with us since the year 2000 when we opened. Why? They use the tools.

  11. Brian Rooney (admin). I have the up most respect and want to commend you sir on your unmatched patience.

    Reading through some of these questions, I would have lost it.

    Very Respectfully
    Brian Davis

  12. I know TW is without a doubt THE BEST auto-responder on the internet in terms of features and earnings potential, but I have been in several different TW downline building programs and I have NEVER made one cent or been able to recruit any PAYING members , not even using YOUR Co-Op . 2 days into my monthly co-op purchase you placed 1 non-paying person into my downline and I never received anymore .SORRY but 39.95 for 1 non-paying member was NOT my idea of a good ROI.

    1. My advice, rather than focus on what you are referring to as “TW downline building programs” would be to focus your efforts on demonstrating the value of powerful list building and management systems to businesses around the world. We have thousands of free trial members that join us each month, as well. Like you, we are not considering a free trial member as “good ROI”. We see free trial members as a way to make the connection and then demonstrate the value of what we have to offer.

    2. Hi Edward

      In each email that you send TW puts a link at the bottom to market you. By providing value and using the system people will see your emails and see the link.

      People buy from people they know and trust and if they see you using it, they will look at it.

      This is one of the MAIN Reasons for always using a P.S at the bottom, lots go directly to the end before they read the start.


      Your Name
      Thank You
      Domain Name

      P.S. Like What You See? Grab a 30 Day FREE Trial at TW

      Focusing on the money before the value almost always never works.


  13. Your pricing is better than Constant Contact, but I want to make sure of a few things…

    will I be able to type in new e-mail’s when clients want to be added to my list, and will they be added without needing to opt in…that is why I am hesitant to leave constant contact

  14. There are ways around the lack of “fancy” squeeze pages. The comp plan here FAR outweighs all of these so-called downfalls.

    WORK your TW promos until you see favorable profit margins. Just hang in there folks. It is worth it!

    Keep in mind that Mr. Rooney and co. has business expenses also. I have a feeling that any improvements will warrant a rate increase 🙂

    Just keep that deliverability top notch and I will deal with the shortcomings.

  15. What I would like from traffic wave is to have the option of having someone at traffic wave to set up your autoresponder with all the letters and the subscribers for a reasonable price.

    1. Hi Clara

      It Traffic Wave were to do that, the amount of time it would take would be astronomical, they would need to hire someone full time. There is good training out there on Youtube, and a few pdfs, even one i give away myself that teaches you how to setup your autoresponder.

      Don’t forget when setting an autoresponder up, there is a lot of information that you need to put into it, your own information.

      Name, URL, Download Page or Link, Contact Details, Personalize details, and so much more.

      There is good instructions in there, and clearing some time you really can learn it in an afternoon.

      You could go to one of the Forums, WarriorForum, or Fiverr and hire someone to set it up, however YOU will still need to learn it because you don’t just do one autoresponder, you can have hundreds.

      Just my thought


    1. The emails we send you are about using our service. Creating a web site would be a topic you would address to a company that provides that sort of service. is not a web design company. is an AutoResponder service. Thus, we will continue sending emails about the AutoResponder service but not about web design.

    2. Hi Yesudas

      So what do you want to do, what is your business. Do you have a website, have you bought a domain, have you bought hosting, did you get linux or windows hosting, are you going to install wordpress on there or are you going to put up a capture page or html site?

      ALL of these to make your business is NOT Part of an Autoresponder, the autoresponder is there to GROW Your business. To help you give value and automate a lot of the tedious side of it.

      If you really don’t know what your wanting to do, what stages things should be added at then you can outsource it and hire people to do it, WarriorForum, Fiverr are two examples I always give out.


  16. I find TrafficWave very easy to use I just finished my Free trial and am becoming a paid member tomorrow, I found the Q&A very helpful and also reading other members Q&A I found answers to my Questions fast.

  17. Hello,thank you for responding of my email,i dont know what is your buisiness.if you interested to join me, give details,so whatever you given details,if is match for me i can join..Thank you

    1. Hi, Dennis.

      We don’t actually see any questions from but we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

      As for unsubscribing, each email you receive includes a link at the bottom that will unsubscribe you with a single click.

  18. I subscribed for your 30 days trial accout yesterday. after completing the 30 Minutes Challenge a Capture Page URL was generated which I copied into my browser. Unfortunately, instead of my Capture Page appearing I am told that the URL could be wrong! I need help.

      1. I have done as you advised but no success. Can I cancel the campaign and repeat the 30 minute challenge all over again?

  19. I love TW as an autoresponder – I have and use just about all of them. I have the capability in the other ARs that allows me to do broadcasts to all or selected campaigns. I have many campaigns and would like to do one broadcast with TW to multiple campaigns – to select the campaigns I want from the list of campaigns.

    Does this capability exist in TW?
    If not, is there an API or macro script language available that I can create this myself?

    Rich Moyer

    1. Hi, Rich.

      At the moment, you would schedule a broadcast for each of your campaigns. There is discussion happening regarding a more global approach.

  20. i have been a member with you for several months now ,
    and have advertised my sites on many other sites,to
    try to get other people in my downline.
    but todate i have not had one interested party,how can this be when
    a lot of people have’nt got an autoresponder in place
    how long have i got to pay before someone gets involved

    1. Rather than advertising to try and get people in your downline, we recommend using the tools to build your lists and then show others (including our subscribers) how to do the same. If your advertising is about getting people in your downline, you are going to have a hard time. If your advertising is about showing people how to boost their business with these powerful tools, you will experience significantly more success.

      Consider utilizing our 30 Minute List Building Challenge as a good place to start.

    2. I don’t put people in my downline, i create information, i give away free reports, i share what i do and i build my business that way I then cross promote and put people into my teams and work with them there.

      I give away products on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the JV Giveaways as well, i also give away products to my already growing list so I am always providing value. I find out about them i ask them questions and then i give them information based on the information they have gave me.

      Example, i am struggling with WordPress, so i will record videos and share them with them so that they learn, I use my Blog every single day, I have on there all my subscription forms based on category so that if someone joins a list who read a post on Gold they wont go on a list based on social marketing unless they subscribe to that list.

      It’s not about building your team, your income list, it’s about helping people, building a relationship with them, having them come to you, follow you and work with you.

      Everyday you should be having subscribers join your list, everyday you should be building your list, no matter what you do, build your list first.

      Also check out the 30 Minute List building Challenged offered in the back office.

  21. What I love about the Double Optin Feature is that when people signup for something I offer, I send them to a blog post which has a video on it saying thank you for putting your details in, can you check your email so that i can confirm its you and then put an offer or redirect, they go to their email they click on the link and they get added to my list, then they get sent to another page which says, thank you for confirming your email, your offer/download etc is on its way, check your email in a few minutes, in the mean time check out my offer.

    This way they KNOW who I am, I am in their face all the way through the process, and if they don’t confirm, then they can’t get my offer/gift. I get a cleaner list and the people who signup to everything but never remember, don’t get anything.

    That is what is good about the Double Optin.

    I know a few programs like the single optin and thats great. Build up your traffic wave with your AWESOME content and Presentation, start building your commission then you can use that commission from TW to buy another Autoresponder that does the single optin feature.

    Use what you have to build then grow what you have to get more.

    How many times with single optin have you had from the other systems spam complaints, or stupid emails with WHO ARE YOU. Not once since I joined have I had one of them emails. Now I help my old team, new team and potential prospects for my team to see the power of TrafficWave.

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