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What Is Autoresponder Email Marketing? Autoresponder email marketing is the use of technology to generate new leads, follow up with prospects, and convert subscribers to paying customers. This technology is often referred to as “autoresponder” technology or  “email marketing”. This article is dedicated to showing you how to use this powerful technology to accelerate your business growth. An autoresponder is a series of emails you create, focused on aRead more

What Is An AutoResponder?

What Is an AutoResponder? Do You Really Need One? Have you ever wondered, “What is an autoresponder?” Most people are familiar with autoresponders that send out those automated “I’m away” or “I’m on vacation” messages. Most web hosting and email providers refer to these autoresponders as “away” or “vacation” settings within their email programs. These are good for a quick one shot automated reply to let someone know that you got theirRead more

What Makes Email Marketing So Valuable?

Email marketing is an incredibly valuable marketing tool.  When you build a responsive email marketing list, you are creating a very powerful and profitable asset for your business and making it easier for your company to grow. Email marketing done properly helps you generate more interest in your product or service, create new business, generate repeat business, and keep your overhead down. As your list grows, the value ofRead more

How To Build an Email Marketing Campaign That Pays

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Email Marketing There is no question that email marketing works. Businesses around the world are using email marketing to build prospect lists, follow up, and drive new sales. So maybe you are thinking about putting email marketing to work for your business. Good decision! The key is to make sure you set up your campaigns well so that you get the best possible outcome:Read more

How To Manage Your AutoResponder Subscribers Subscriber Management Here is a quick video example showing you how I manage subscribers including recycling those subscribers who have finished receiving my automated followup letters. I highly recommend you recycle your subscribers so that you are keeping your message in front of them, building rapport, and increasing sales! Ready for more tips from CEO/President, Brian Rooney? Click Here To See Our Next Live Presentation! Click Here To SeeRead more

Email Marketing: Single Optin vs Double Optin

Email Marketing Single Optin vs Double Optin Email Marketers are constantly debating the worth of single optin vs double optin when it comes to building their lists. Email Marketing Single optin simply means that someone can enter any information in to a capture form and they are automatically subscribed and/or given access to the free ebook, software, etc… that is being offered. Double optin means that once the formRead more

AutoResponder Delivery Rates

AutoResponder Delivery Rates Any AutoResponder service can claim high deliverability and a good reputation. Proving it is usually a different matter, altogether. The unfortunate reality is that there appears to be a lot of misinformation about deliverability and many email marketers often find out too late that their chosen AutoResponder service isn’t quite as reliable about getting their message delivered as they may have been told. provides (and can verify)Read more

Why AutoResponders Should Be A Part Of Your Online Marketing Plan

Online Marketing has a wide variety of components. There are so many different things we can do for online marketing that it’s virtually impossible that you will ever learn, let along master, them all. I do think it is safe to say that there are a few strategies that are absolutely essential to a successful online marketing plan. Sadly, many of these essentials are often overlooked. One of these strategies that IRead more

Creating Your Sales Funnel

You have started your business and you are very excited. Maybe you’re just getting ready to launch a new marketing campaign for your existing business. You keep hearing about these amazing success stories about folks who have figured out how to make money online. You see their articles. You see the pictures. Maybe you even personally know someone who is making money online. So you make the decision toRead more