How To Build a Responsive Email Marketing List

Email Marketing List Building Many small business owners consider email marketing to be their most effective marketing strategy. Why? Email marketing is all about permission. Sending promo offers to people that actually requested information is way more effective than any form of “push” advertising (display ads, popups, radio ads, TV commercials, etc.). This is why we want to make sure you know how to build your email marketing lists with responsive subscribers. Here’sRead more

Why Email Marketing Makes Sense for Network Marketers

The biggest challenge faced by network marketing professionals, new and seasoned alike, is finding people to talk to. The traditional method of burning up the phone lines is still very effective but very challenging, especially to someone new to the industry. Some of the top producers in network marketing still present this as their “go to” method of prospecting and building their business. And it absolutely DOES work. TheRead more

Email Marketing Boosts Yoga Sales

I am often talking about how much I believe in and rely on effective email marketing. Most of the time, the conversations are about why it is so important to get started with your list building if you haven’t already done so. In this article, I want to move the conversation forward a bit to an excellent and recent real-world example of what you can do with your listRead more

How Does Your Business Use Email Marketing?

How is your business using email marketing? Is your email marketing focused more on lead generation, prospect building, customer retention, training, or all of the above? All around the world, these powerful email marketing tools are being used by online marketers, real estate professionals, entertainers, attorneys, restaurants, programmers, web designer, network marketers, affiliate marketers, church groups, publishers, and more. We think that’s pretty exciting and would love to hearRead more

Email Marketing Helps You Automate Lead Generation and Sales

As I’m talking to business owners, they often ask me what email marketing is and how it can help them grow their business. It’s a great question and one I’m always more than happy to answer. Email marketing is often misunderstood and it’s easy to see why. If you have found yourself deleting those unwanted messages you get from businesses you have never contacted, that is not email marketing.Read more

Email List Unsubscribes: Blessing or Curse?

Do you feel yourself getting down about unsubscribe requests in your email marketing list? Believe it or not, unsubscribe requests are actually a blessing. Keep reading to find out how. After sending out  your beautifully crafted email,  are you disappointed to see people actually unsubscribe from your lists? You put time, effort, and maybe even some money in to getting people to join your list. You might feel thatRead more

How To Generate Hundreds Of Leads Monthly

Lead Generation is a major focus for any business. You want more customers. To get more customers, you need to be generating leads. Having a web site is a great start. Getting an AutoResponder and adding capture code to your web site or blog is the BEST way to go. So, let’s talk about EXACTLY how you can generate hundreds of leads every single month using your AutoResponder.Read more

Email Marketing – Is It Time?

If you are like most of us, you are probably noticing more and more businesses using email marketing. It seems there must be something to it because you see more and more businesses starting to use it, right? From restaurants to entertainers, internet marketers to gyms, more and more businesses are discovering the power and profitability found in email marketing. Maybe you are wondering if email marketing can help you growRead more