Email Marketing

Money Is In The List

If the money is in the list, how do you get the list? You start by building the list. How do you build the list? You add value. Sometimes, it helps to work the puzzle in reverse. It’s no secret and no mystery that you want to make money in your business. Even those business owners that tell you it’s not about the money because it’s for a higherRead more

Email Marketing – It’s Important Stuff

Email Marketing – It’s Important Stuff. In the world of internet marketing, there is a lot of wiggle room. There are a number of things you can try, adjust, tweak, adjust again, and work out as you go along. However, there is one key component that I believe is absolutely necessary for your success, no matter what you are selling or how you are selling it. That key componentRead more

Free AutoResponder With No Ads

Looking for a free autoresponder with no ads? I can’t say I blame you, but make sure you understand what you are getting and what the company is getting in return.

What Is Email Marketing and How Does It Work

More and more businesses are asking, “What is email marketing and how does it work?”. It’s a great question and we hope to answer it for you with this article. Email marketing has become an essential tool for small and large businesses since the introduction of the Internet. In this article, we will do our best to explain what email marketing really is, why companies should use it andRead more

What Is Email Marketing?

Like many small business owners, you may be asking “What is email marketing?” The term “email marketing” can quite often create confusion among marketers and business owners.

Email Marketing for your Home Based Business

Email marketing for your home business. Does it make sense? If you’ve recently opened a home based business, you’re not alone. In fact, recent reports state that the US alone has over 38,000,000 home based businesses and a new home based business opens every 12 seconds. You’re in good company.

Daily Activity Creates TrafficWave Affiliate Success

Are you looking for the secret to TrafficWave Affiliate Success? Your first and most important use of your TrafficWave tools is to be generating leads for your business, following up with those leads, and driving sales for your business.

Why Does My Message Go To The Spam Folder?

There is no foolproof system for avoiding spam reports completely. There are certain warning signs you can watch out for as you prepare your next email marketing campaign.

Integrate TrafficWave with Google Sheets via Zapier

Can you integrate TrafficWave with Google Sheets via Zapier? A TrafficWave customer recently mentioned that when a new order comes in via their WooCommerce account, that new customer information is then added to Google Sheets. Using Zapier, this client can now add subscribers, update subscriber tags, and more any time a record is added or updated in their Google Sheets spreadsheet. When you integrate TrafficWave with Google Sheets via Zapier,Read more

Email Marketing Monday with Brian Rooney

Join us for Email Marketing Monday with Brian Rooney. This is your opportunity to sit down with TrafficWave CEO, Brian Rooney, and dig in to the power of email marketing for your business.