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The Fortune Is In The Followup

The Fortune Is In The Followup It’s true. The Fortune Is In The Followup … if we do it right. This article shows you how to get that fortune happening with email marketing followup. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) indicates that the average ROI for email marketing is over $40/1, meaning when someone spends $1 on email marketing, they can see $40 in sales. Now, this is based onRead more

List Building Course – 30 Minute Challenge

Looking for a list building course? Try our 30 minute list challenge absolutely free and see how easy it is to get started building your own targeted list of real prospects.

Email Marketing Monday with Brian Rooney

Join us for Email Marketing Monday with Brian Rooney. This is your opportunity to sit down with TrafficWave CEO, Brian Rooney, and dig in to the power of email marketing for your business.

Best Email Marketing Practices

Best Email Marketing Practices To get the best email marketing results, you want to be sure you are using the best email marketing practices. These can actually make or break your campaign. It really comes down to a few basic (and mostly common sense) approaches to how you build, manage, and interact with your list. The first step to using best email practices is to make sure your listRead more

Launch Your TrafficWave Business

How To Launch Your Trafficwave Business Are you ready to launch your TrafficWave business to the next level? We are going to show you how. And we are going to work with you to make sure you know how to get it done. The goal is to get you set up with a system designed to bring you weekly and monthly checks by following a few simple steps. IfRead more

Top Affiliate Earners For December 2021

Congratulations to our Top Affiliate Earners for December 2021 Previous Months: Nov | Oct | Sep | Aug | Jul | Jun | May | Apr | Mar These Top Affiliate Earners for December 2021 are using the TrafficWave AutoResponder system to build and manage their own email marketing lists. They are also spreading the word about this powerful unlimited autoresponder system to other businesses around the world andRead more

Email Marketing Tips – Master The Basics

Need a few solid email marketing tips? Success in email marketing really comes down to mastering the basics. Success in most things comes down to basics.

Email Marketing Tricks and Tips

Essential Email Marketing Tricks and Tips for Your Business Email marketing has been proven to be the single most effective marketing channel out there. Getting it right may take a bit of time but will be well worth the effort. Studies consistently show that emailing a subscriber base regularly translates into sales revenue over time. This article will give you some of the best email marketing tricks and tipsRead more

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices What are email marketing best practices and how do you make sure your business is following them? This article will help. There are a few email marketing best practices you will want to make sure you are adopting in order to get the best results and keep things moving well in your marketing channels. Never Buy Lists Building your email list is not necessarily somethingRead more

Rewards of Email Marketing

What Are The Rewards Of Email Marketing? From lead generation to rapport building, training to sales, the rewards of email marketing are many and powerful. Let’s take a look. The simplest approach is to break it down to 3 key objectives: Sales Launching a sale or promotion? Once you’ve built a list, you can quickly broadcast your subscribers an email marketing campaign to drive sales. Many times, you canRead more

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