Reasons To Love Email Marketing

There are many reasons to love email marketing and I’d like to go over some of my own reasons in this post. See if you can relate to some of these.

My TrafficWave Sponsor Sucks

“My TrafficWave Sponsor Sucks” is a complaint I do get from time to time. There is no denying that some sponsors are better than others. 

My Sponsor Quit What Do I Do Now?

My Sponsor Quit What Do I Do Now? Sadly, this question gets asked by far too many people in our industry. We joined the business because we believed that our sponsor was going to be there for us and help us succeed. And then … they quit.

Email List Check-Up Time

It’s Time For an Email List Check-up! While we enjoy the fact that email marketing is a form of “marketing automation” in action, it is important to check in on your list every once in a while. There are a few things to check on and none of them really take much time.

Tracking Open Rates and Click Through Rates

Tracking Open Rates and Click Through Rates with Brian Rooney If you’ve been attending Email Marketing Mondays, you have heard us talking about tracking open rates and click through rates in your TrafficWave Autoresponder. In this session, Brian Rooney, CEO and Co-Founder of TrafficWave, takes you through his approach to tracking and improving his rates in his own campaign.

Email List Growth – Track For Maximum Impact

Email List Growth is the core focus of my advertising and promotion. I want to get eyeballs on my content, of course. But the next step after someone sees my information is that they should request more information by filling out my capture form. 

Reasons To Build Your Email List

Are you still looking for good reasons to build your email list? After more than 17 years in the email marketing business, I still have people asking me, “Why should I build an email list?”. So, let’s review reasons to build your email list.

Setting Up TrafficWave Capture Pages

Options For Setting Up TrafficWave Capture Pages: One of the goals for us here at TrafficWave is to make it as easy as possible for you to quickly set up your capture pages

Convert WebSite Visitors To Real Prospects

If you want to be successful with internet marketing, you will definitely want to learn how to convert web site visitors to real prospects. Getting traffic is always good, of course. Knowing what to do with that traffic to turn visitors in to customers is the real key.

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Email marketing for small businesses just makes sense. You need to hire more staff to help get more done but your budget is tight. Using email marketing tools from is like hiring a marketing team for about 60 cents a day.