Email Marketing Program

Looking for a powerful email marketing program to help grow your business? TrafficWave offers a powerful self-service option you can use to build your lists, manage, your lists, and drive sales.

My TrafficWave Sponsor Sucks

“My TrafficWave Sponsor Sucks” is a complaint I do get from time to time. There is no denying that some sponsors are better than others. 

Consistent Lead Generation

Consistent lead generation is the key to business growth. It is also one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and solopreneurs.

Email Marketing Tools Of The Trade

Every smart business person, contractor, affiliate marketer, and social media influencer relies on email marketing tools for good reason. They are cost effective, simple to learn, and they produce results. 

TrafficWave Affiliate Plan: How I Refer 50+ Each Month

TrafficWave Affiliate Plan: How I Refer 50+ Each Month. Do you want to make money with the TrafficWave Affiliate Plan? In this article, I am going to break down the steps I use to personally refer more than 50 new users to each month. None of this is going to be “new”. It really is the same stuff I’ve been doing since the year 2000 and plan to continueRead more

Improve Subscriber Confirmation by Uploading a Custom Logo

Improve Subscriber Confirmation by Uploading a Custom Logo The first challenge of every email marketer is to improve subscriber confirmation. As a double opt-in service, TrafficWave provides a way for you to know your list is targeted and motivated to receive your information as they have personally confirmed their request. One of the steps in the process is that, right after they submit their information, they get a notificationRead more

Top Affiliate Earners For January 2021

These Top Affiliate Earners for January 2021 are using the AutoResponder system to build and manage their own email marketing lists. They are also spreading the word about this powerful unlimited autoresponder system to other businesses around the world and reaping the benefits in the form of weekly and monthly commissions!

Adding Videos To Your Email Marketing Messages

Adding Videos To Your Email Marketing Messages Adding videos to your email marketing messages can be a great way to increase click-throughs and boost up your rapport building. If you have a video that can quickly show the value of your offer or show your reader how you can help them, you have even more opportunities to increase engagement with your message and build rapport. TrafficWave makes it easyRead more

The Best Way To Get TrafficWave Support

The Best Way To Get TrafficWave Support You’ve logged in and you want to know how to find something, set up something, or get help. It happens to us all. On the right of your screen in your TrafficWave Members Area, you will see this section:

How To Build a Profitable TrafficWave Business

The goal of this article is to show you how to build a profitable trafficwave business. We are going to skip all the “hype” and “tricks”. This article is going to focus on showing you how to build a strong business income by helping other businesses and entrepreneurs.