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email marketing videosLooking for email marketing videos? Learning the system is all part of the process of becoming a proficient email marketer. Sometimes, it’s just easier to learn when someone shows you how. These are intentionally short and sweet to help you get moving in the right direction so you can get results in your business.

Full Youtube Play List This link takes you directly to our YouTube Play List where you can view the training at your pace and in the order you prefer.

If you are new to TrafficWave, we highly recommend taking a look at our Members Area Overview to see how things are laid out and how you will access these powerful tools for your business.

Start Here:

Creating Your First AutoResponder Campaign This is where it all starts. Watch this video to create your first AutoResponder campaign.

Letter Editor Basics:

  • Creating Your First AutoResponder Letter You can get started very quickly with creating your first autoresponder letter by watching this video.
  • Formatting Your Letter Text To learn how to format your text from font styles to sizes, this is the video to watch.
  • Adding Images To Your Letters Add a bit of color and polish to your letters by adding images to your letters. From product photos, headshots, and logos, this video shows you how to get it done.
  • Adding Clickable Links To Your Letters No sales letter would be complete without links to your information and sales pages. This video show you how to create clickable links in your email messages.
  • Adding Video To Your Letters If you’ve got videos available on streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc… this video shows you how to add videos to your email marketing messages.

Advanced Letter Editor Training:

  • Using PreMade Templates Ready for a little more polished look to your email marketing messages? This video gets you started with some of our Premade Template options.
  • Containers and Components If you’re really ready to dig in to high-end design and layout options, make sure to check out this video on using Containers and Components to get that professional branded look and feel.

AutoResponder Campaign Management:

  • Creating and Managing Your Automated Series Now that you have letters set up for your prospects, this video shows you how to set up and schedule your automated followup series.
  • Broadcasting Letters To Your Subscribers When you need to send out a special offer, announcement, or promotion, this video shows you how to set up a broadcast to go out to your Subscribers.
  • Custom Landing URL’s Want to improve your subscription confirmations? This video shows you how to use Custom Landing URL’s to improve branding, keep your offer “front of mind” and improve your overall subscription confirmation rate.
  • Custom Brand Logos Not quite ready for custom landing pages? Upload a custom brand logo for use with the TrafficWave confirmation screens to help improve your overall subscription confirmation rates.
  • Hosted Capture Pages Need a quick capture page and don’t have time for development? Use our quick and easy Hosted Capture Pages to get a quick start.
  • Adding Capture Forms To Your Web Site When you are ready to turn your web site in to a consistent lead generation funnel, this video shows you how to add capture forms to your web site or blog.
  • Defining Capture Form Data Need to change the data your forms ask for? This video shows you how to set up several options for collecting as much (or as little) data as you need to be more effective at building rapport and targeting your prospects.
  • Sharing Your Letters For Others To Use Building a sales team and want to share your letters with your team to help them save time and start selling faster? This video shows you how to make that happen.
  • Retrieving Published Letters If you are wanting to retrieve pre-written letters from your sales leaders, this video shows you how to get it done.

Subscriber Management

  • Recycling Subscribers What do you do with subscribers that didn’t order and they have received all your follow up messages? Recycle them to stay in touch. Sometimes, subscribers will be on your list for months or even years before they decide to buy. This is why we say, “The fortune is in the followup!”.
  • Importing Subscribers Got some folks that have asked you for your info? (Not a purchased, harvested, or scraped list), this is how you import those subscribers in to your AutoResponder campaign.
  • Subscriber Manager Need to find and manage a group of subscribers or a single subscriber? This videos shows you how.

More Tools

  • AdTracker Setup and Management Want to know which of your ads are getting you results? This video shows you how to set up and manage your AdTracker URL’s.
  • Using Reminders Got an important task you don’t want to forget? Use the convenient Reminder service in your TrafficWave Members Area.
  • Notifications Wondering if that broadcast went out or if your recycle request was completed? Here’s how you can quickly find out.

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