Email Marketing Goals

If you want to achieve email marketing success, it is important to set and work toward quantifiable email marketing goals. The challenge for many entrepreneurs is that they may not understand how to do that. 

Why Email Marketing Matters

Why Email Marketing Matters – If you find yourself wondering why email marketing matters or even IF email marketing matters, you’ve come to the right place.

Prospecting and Follow Up

The two things each business absolutely must be focused on are Prospecting, and Follow Up. Without these two activities, there will be no sales. Without sales, there will soon be no business.

Build Your Own Lists

Build Your Own Lists The key to success in any business venture whether online or offline is to build your own lists. From prospect lists to customer lists, the importance of building and managing your own lists simply cannot be overstated.

Quick Free TrafficWave Affiliate Promo

Sometimes, you just have a few minutes to do some quick promotion and we make it easy to run some quick free trafficwave affiliate promo from within your back office.

Collect More Leads

Your website is the best place to collect more leads. People have come to your website because they have shown some kind of interest in your company and/or your products, so now it’s about collecting their information so you can be in touch.

What Successful Affiliates Do

Have you ever wondered what successful affiliates do in order to become successful affiliates? You see them on leader boards. You hear about their success stories. And, if you are like most people, you find yourself wondering what successful affiliates do to get results.

28 Ways To Build Your Lists

We know the fortune is in the follow up. We know that we have to get serious about list building if we want prospects to follow up with. This report looks at 28 ways to build your email marketing list:

Make Your Email Marketing Work

Every digital marketer needs the right skills and tools to be successful. So, what can make email marketing work better for your business? Email marketing only works if you know how to work it. Here are 10 ways to make it work for you:

Email Marketing Message Open Rate

Do you know your email marketing message open rate? Knowing this information can help you convert more sales from your email marketing. But how do you find the information you need?  How do you make any necessary changes?