Keeping TABS On Your Email Marketing

Keeping TABS On Your Email Marketing Is Critical To Your Success. What do we mean? On a regular basis, I am asked about how to get the best results with email marketing. It’s a great question and one that absolutely deserves an answer. So, I have developed what I call “TABS” and we will take a look at how to succeed with email marketing by keeping TABS on your email marketing activities.

Email Marketing Monday with Brian Rooney

Join us for Email Marketing Monday with Brian Rooney. This is your opportunity to sit down with TrafficWave CEO, Brian Rooney, and dig in to the power of email marketing for your business.

How To Retrieve TrafficWave Letters In To Your Campaign

Are you looking to retrieve trafficwave letters into your autoresponder campaign? We’ve made it easy and quick. Just follow the instructions in the video below and then begin driving traffic to your capture page to increase your TrafficWave referrals

Prospecting and Follow Up

The two things each business absolutely must be focused on are Prospecting, and Follow Up. Without these two activities, there will be no sales. Without sales, there will soon be no business.

Custom Landing Pages Improve Subscriber Confirmations

Using custom landing pages can dramatically improve your subscriber engagement from your opt-in forms. offers the ability to use a custom landing page URL to your capture forms.

Build a Good Mailing List

How do you build a good mailing list? Any email marketing success begins and ends with preparation. A plan must be in place before you start collecting those email addresses. It is important that you know what will happen after your potential customer has signed up, what they receive, and how are they segmented. Read on to discover how to get the most out of email marketing.

30 Minute List Building Challenge

The 30 Minute List Building Challenge is designed to show you how to get started with the basics of building your very own targeted email marketing list within the next 30 minutes.

Email Marketing Goals

If you want to achieve email marketing success, it is important to set and work toward quantifiable email marketing goals. The challenge for many entrepreneurs is that they may not understand how to do that. 

Why I Use Email Marketing

Recently, a buddy of mine asked me why I use email marketing. We had a great conversation and I thought there may be others with the same question. So, this article is for you.

Quick Free TrafficWave Affiliate Promo

Sometimes, you just have a few minutes to do some quick promotion and we make it easy to run some quick free trafficwave affiliate promo from within your back office.